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"When I was a child I didn't want  my abilities and as an adult I have totally embraced them."

Hello and thank you for stopping by my web site!  You are here because you wanted to be, you needed to be. I have never believed in coincidence.

You are curious by your nature and are in need of answers to the mysteries that life has thrown at you. 

Everyone, at times, wishes they could look ahead and be able to "chose" the right paths they must take throughout their lives.  This is a very difficult task for most people  and many, unfortunately, do nothing to help themselves and allow opportunities to slip through their fingers.

I can help guide you through the chaos and help you see possibilities  but  ultimately, it will be your decision alone to which path you take.   


I have been chasing the paranormal for most of my life, or rather, it has been chasing me! I tried in vain to not be apart of it when I was a child  because I didn't want to be "that strange kid". At a very young age, maybe 3, I was aware of things no one else in my family could understand and most of the time gave me the "LOOK" and was told to, "Knock it off" Well you can probably guess that didn't help. So here I am today!

Paranormal Investigator and Sensitive

Think you may have a haunting? Are you an investigator needing help on a potential case? I can help you! I  have been seeking spirits long before television made it cool. I help investigation groups, that I am affiliated with, from around the country understand what they are possibly dealing with by using my remote viewing ability.

I also help private home owners and renters understand the possibilities of their personal experiences be it they are from the spiritual world or physical issues with the dwelling. I do this from the comfort of my own home. Please refer to the "Possible Haunting" check list and feel free to submit it for review. I will let you know what I "feel" it could be. 


  • "I met Harvey at a convention last year in August. He started to mention some things about me that were spot on, and it was my very FIRST time meeting him. After that, I saw that..."
    Adam Knoedler
    Continuous Returning Client
  • " Hi my name is Johnny Johnson. I had the pleasure of having my first reading with Harvey. I have never met this man in my life. I was working on my own paranormal investigati..."
    Johnny Johnson
    Independent Paranormal Investigator

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